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Sea Walker Media was established to embrace legacy media and continue to shepherd Christian music into the digital future.

Sea Walker Media wants to help lead Gospel Music safely and healthily into the future.

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The future is uncertain but the board and staff of Sea Walker Media are long-time business and Gospel Music leaders. 

Nashville, TN (June 3, 2021)

Sea Walker Media Corporation has announced the formation of Singing News Television, an expansion of the Singing News brand the organization acquired recently from Salem Media Group.

Singing News Television joins Singing News Magazine, Singing News Radio, and The Gospel Greats.

The new network will include a vast variety of Gospel music, Christian-based television shows, original and organic programming with gospel artists, movies, series, inspirational moments, news, and ‘on demand’ options that will be exclusive to the Singing News Television network. The network will be available on all platforms to include ROKU, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Google TV and can be streamed on all Smart TVs and tablets.

Ray Flynn, Sea Walker Media President, stated: “With the recent acquisition of Singing News and the Singing News Radio Network, the creation of Singing News Television allows us to further expand the most recognized brand in gospel music while providing quality Christian programming for all ages.”

The new Singing News Television Network will be available to the public beginning in August 2021.

“This is an exciting time for the gospel music world,” said Scott Godsey, Sea Walker Media CEO. “This provides opportunities for us to offer programming through all forms of media: television, radio, printed and digital publications, as well as future opportunities for growth of the overall genre.”

Sea Walker Media Corporation also announced a partnership with Graceland—the iconic and historic home of Elvis Presley—to produce a major event. The Graceland Gospel Music Festival will be held on the Graceland property, November 3-5, 2021, and will feature top names in Gospel music.

“It’s no secret that Elvis Presley loved Gospel music, including Gospel music in his concerts and recordings,” said Ray Flynn, Sea Walker Media President. “In fact, Elvis won all three of his GRAMMY Awards in Gospel categories. We feel this is the perfect way to help expand the genre of Southern Gospel music by bringing it back to Elvis Presley’s Graceland.”

Additionally, the Board of Directors for Sea Walker Media Corporation was announced. Those members are: Ray Flynn, Scott Godsey, Dean Hickman, Brian Free, Matthew Gooch, Dr. Neal Jackson, Scott Fowler, Ivan Parker and Mike Hopper.

Scott Godsey, CEO Sea Walker Media, Ray Flynn, President - Sea Walker Media, Rick Francis - Associate Editor Singing News Magazine, Danny Jones - Editor In Chief Singing News Magazine, Rodney Baucom - Host of The Gospel Greats.

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Singing News Magazine

The Printed Voice Of Gospel Music for over 50 years.

The Gospel Greats

The largest syndicated Southern Gospel radio program in America.

Singing News Radio

The brand of Singing News on radio stations across the country.

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